Learn Online Bingo Rules to Win Big!

Before you can participate in Canadian bingo and expect to win big, you'll first need to learn the basic online bingo rules. It all starts with choosing the type you wish to enjoy, and the most popular - as well as the most commonly found - is traditionally played with 75 balls. Essentially, the goal of the game is to purchase one or more cards upon which random numbers will be marked in five-by-five grid. There are 75 total in play, and the virtual croupier will pull call letter and number combinations so that you can mark these on your card accordingly. While you'll need to create a straight line horizontally, vertically or diagonally in most instances, there are some other patterns that could come into play.

According to most online bingo rules, you can have anywhere from one to four cards in play at once and although you have to purchase them separately, the more you have, the better your chance to win with at least one of them. These games come in tons of different themes, too, so whether you're interested in food, city life, the beach or all things glamorous, you'll probably find something to match. Then, if you're tired of all of the straight lines, you can try four corners, cover-all, or other shapes that you will need to create on your card to win.

These games give people an outstanding chance to enjoy the things they love the most without having to go out in inclement weather or ever leave home at all, for that matter. Thanks to integrated chat functions, the social aspect that makes it just as exciting and fulfilling. One of the best places out there to try Canadian bingo for yourself is Bwin Casino. With plenty of experience in the industry and more choices than any of its competitors, it's certainly hard to go wrong here. They'll even provide you with a nice welcome package as soon as you create your real money account and make your first deposit, so winning big is even more of a possibility!