The Benefits Are Many When You Play Live Blackjack

All kinds of Canadian players enjoy playing 21 online, but what about those who play live blackjack over other forms of the game? Well, they have many reasons to do so. The truth is that these real dealers present new opportunities. The rules are often less stringent, the minimums are lower, and those who want to use a card counting strategy have a brand new chance to do so.

The first thing to note is that those who play live blackjack rather than the standard internet versions will often note that the rules actually favor them. Most of these games are of the traditional sort, meaning that the dealer will hit on 16 and stand on 17 and that the players' rules for splitting and doubling are actually quite lenient. This is good news since some versions tend to put things in favor of the house.

Something else to consider is that this version is almost exactly like being in the casino but there is no need to fret over buying expensive drinks or breathing in a ton of smoke. Users will find that table limits start out rather low and climb significantly from there, so it is possible to wager as little as $1 or as much as $500 per hand depending upon the budget. This isn't true in most real-life establishments since floor space is limited. People would do well to find table limits less than $25 and that isn't necessarily budget-friendly for everyone.

Another great thing for those who choose to play live blackjack is that the ability to count cards is returned somewhat. In a traditional online casino, the shoe is reshuffled after every hand and since the results are predicted by a random number generator, card counting is pointless. However, since the dealer in a live game actually plays through the shoe in the same way as a casino would, it is possible to use these strategies once again. However, they are minimal as the shoe is reshuffled more frequently than it would be elsewhere. Even with that being said, the strategy is still useful and presents a great opportunity.