Understanding the Advantages of Live Casinos Online

There are many advantages of live casinos online, and that is precisely why so many Canadian sites are taking advantage of this technology. For one, people are increasingly concerned regarding the overall fairness at their favorite gambling hubs. With most, if not all, of the games they typically play being handed by what are known as Random Number Generators, or RNGs, people often feel as if this technology could be manipulated in a way that puts them at a disadvantage. Similarly, individuals just feel as if internet venues don't have the same charm as their land-based counterparts. Fortunately, software developers have created an answer. Gaming and opportunity to win money for everyone, developers have created a platform that everyone can access and everyone can enjoy only at jouercasinogratuit.com.

The advantages of live casinos online primarily address these issues. Instead of an RNG, all of the games featuring areal dealer progress using real equipment like decks of cards and roulette wheels. There is a live video feed presented to the player right on his or her screen, and this individual watches as the croupier takes wagers and drops the ball onto the spinning wheel. Not only does this make the competition seem fairer to the customers involved, but it adds an air of realism that wasn't present before. There are some limitations to this, of course, in that people must have fast broadband connections in order to properly view the feed, but most people these days have ample bandwidth.

While there still aren't too many venues out there making use of this technology, those that do have done so in style. For instance, Bwin Casino has gone to great lengths to introduce not only blackjack in this fashion, but also roulette and baccarat which are hot among high rollers and those on budgets alike. Of course, those who want to tip the dealer will still have the option to do so, and all of the great bonuses provided by Bwin will only make this simpler. Creating an account is simple and only takes a few moments, and although this venue does offer up some titles that can be accessed for free, live games can only be accessed with a paid account and real money.

2015 Casino of the Year

As the current casino of the year, Mr Green does not disappoint at all. In addition to some amazing promotions, players can expect to find a live casino and the latest casino games from multiple software distributors. The iconic green man from Sweden has become a force to reckon with recently, even scoring an elusive gaming license from the United Kingdom.