Boasting The Pride In A Real Madrid Sponsorship

It's a great day when an establishment gets to be involved in Real Madrid sponsorship, particularly when this soccer (or football, whichever you prefer) team has won two La Liga titles, two Spanish Super Cups and the Copa del Rey title, as well. They won the Spanish league title just two seasons ago and this was the 32nd time they had done so. Of course, their first big win came in 1905 - just a few years after they were founded - when they brought home the lucrative Copa del Rey. Since that victorious year, they've managed to bring home the Spanish Cup 17 more times. It's easy to see why this team is considered such a powerhouse.

Of course, their victories travel outside of Spain and further into Europe, as well. They've been at the top of the charts there since the 1950s and have since won the European Champions Cup and Champions League nine times! What's more, they've nailed two EUFA Cup wins as well as three victories in the Club World Cup. This in a nutshell means that the Real Madrid Club takes the prize as the best club of the 20th century.

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