Safe Real Money Facebook Gambling is Entirely Possible

There are many people in Canada who play all different kinds of casino games on Facebook, but up until recently, many of those games would not allow them to win real money. Of course, they could spend real money on in-game purchases for things like Candy Crush and even on casino applications that simulate popular slots, roulette and video poker games, but that was the extent of it. In the UK, things are certainly changing.

Facebook gambling is already happening there, and it comes in the form of bingo. The application, known as Bingo Friendzy, offers up some various 90-ball games as well as slots for its users who are age 18 and over. Some of the features here include the ability to receive higher payouts whenever users successfully get their friends in on the action. What's more, because the title actually bypasses the credits system that is generally used by the social media giant, users can get all of their money without losing 30% in the form of commission.

Before participating in this form of Facebook gambling, users must register for an account on another website using their email and physical addresses if they want to play for real money, Then, the social media site will check credit card information to ensure that these users are of legal age to gamble before providing them with full access to the application.

It is anticipated that this is only the first of the partnerships that Facebook will make in an effort to provide real money gambling to areas where such activities are legal. A company known as Gamesys is responsible for the Bingo Friendzy app, and they will integrate a "cap" system prior to launching it in other countries to prevent gambling abuse. It is hoped that the addition of these safeguards will prove to other countries and governments that individuals can use this huge social media site to gamble responsibly. The social aspect is simply a bonus.