Canadians Play Here - Video Poker Games from Home!

Video poker brings the action to you. Instead of having to go into casinos, potential players can access a variety of games from the comfort of their own home. The possibility of winning big is still there, only people don't have to feel rushed or pressured as they might if gambling in person.

Video poker uses the same rules as would be used in a brick and mortar organization, most often the five-card draw poker game. There are no other players or dealers involved. The patron is interacting only with a computer, and the combinations are being determined by a random number generator to ensure everything is fair. Even though there is less pressure, all of the same rules apply.

Introduced in the mid-1970s, it became popular and grew along with the rise of personal computers. Through the next decades its popularity continued to grow. Players began seeing that online access was safe, secure and could also lead them to help improve their strategies. They could start to develop tactics for poker that helped them learn how to increase their abilities.

When hands are being dealt, players must decide if they are going to hold or draw. Just as in regular poker, they must indicate the amount they would like to bet for each hand, and these amounts can vary depending on the table limits. Players click on the cards they would like to hold and the others are taken and new cards are dealt. A pay table is used to determine winning hand combinations and amounts.

There are bonuses that can be found within the games. Many offer a double payoff round that allows patrons to chose whether to cash in their earnings or continue to use them in the game. Five cards will be dealt and one card is randomly turned face up. The player then chooses one of the remaining four cards and if it is higher than the first, the original payoff is doubled.

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